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Industries & Services

We deliver Flexible, Powerful Solutions towards Process and Performance Improvement in Industry

Efficient allocation and utilisation of staff resources is an important issue facing emergency department (ED) administrators. We provide healthcare solutions using state-of-the-art simulation techniques.


We can simulate entire factory processes from warehouse capacities, to staff shift patterns and equipment utilisation. This enables reduced lead times, higher throughput, improved resource utilisation and reduced operating and capital costs.

Supply Chain

Supply chain design tools help companies design a low cost supply chain to ensure that demand is satisfied at a particular service level. We can identify weaknesses in your logistics processes using KPIs and analyse significant cost drivers.

Cloud Data Centre

We provide generalised and extensible simulation solutions that enable seamless modelling, simulation, and experimentation of emerging Cloud computing infrastructures and application services.


By clearly and systematically defining the role of system elements and mapping the relationships and decision points that govern their interaction, we work with clients to visualise their system operation and weaknesses.


Simulation modelling provides additional power and insight by capturing the inherent variability in real world systems and quantifying the cumulative effect. In a simulation model, future-state scenarios can be defined and tested to evaluate improvement possibilities.

Process Improvement

Through analysis and experimentation, our team can identify real process improvement opportunities, the steps required to realise them and the projected impact to system performance. As such, we provide the details and justification for improvement proposals.


Our team provides in-house training to clients to support their on-going performance improvement initiatives. We have defined training modules for process improvement and simulation techniques but can also offer bespoke training to meet specific software, budget or timeframe constraints.

Performance Analytics

Actionable Insights from Simulation-based Performance and Risk Analysis
Where 'what-if' meets 'can do'

We use discrete event simulation to create computer-based models that mimic real relationships and behaviours.

Within this virtual world it is possible to test ‘what-if’ questions without the risk of interrupting or adversely affecting day-to-day operations, such as: Determining the output of a new production line before purchasing any equipment; Understanding the increased productivity of a flexible team before investing in cross-training; Testing new batch sizing without changing line clearance procedures; Confirming the benefits of a fulfillment centre before building/leasing warehousing space.

If you face similar decisions and recognise the challenges of predicting performance, we can help.

  • Cycle time reduction

    Identify bottlenecks and get product to your customer faster

  • Increased Productivity

    Effective deployment of resources to increase utilisation

  • More accurate and insightful information

    See worst & best case scenarios rather than expected averages

  • Satisfied customers

    We work with you to deliver the results and insight that you need.

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